Dotty the Deer-For Me By Dee

Dotty the Deer

Character Trait: Free-Spirited and Playful

Dotty is a girl on the go, she’s up for a quick chat but is always on the run. She’s a free-spirit, playful and loves the outdoors, particularly the crisp morning air.

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Connie the Cockatoo-For Me By Dee

Connie the Cockatoo

Character Trait: Fashionable and on Trend

Connie is fashionable and on trend. She spends many afternoons at the hairdressers enjoying at chat with the ladies, making sure her crest is freshly coiffed and sleek so she can always look her best.

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Colin the Cockatiel-For Me By Dee

Colin the Cockatiel

Character Trait: Cheery and Chirpy

Cheery and chirpy, Colin is such a sociable guy and always up for a chat. He often compliments the ladies about their hair – particularly Connie the Cockatoo – he has a little crush on her!

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Clarence the Camel-For Me By Dee

Clarence the Camel

Character Trait: Slow and Steady

Slow and steady is our friend Clarence. He likes to takes things easy and is never in rush – he munches his lunch very slowly and loves to take long strolls on the beach at sunset.
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Berty the Budgie-For Me By Dee

Berty the Budgie

Character Trait: Cheeky and Charming

That Berty, he’s a real charmer! Cheeky and bright, Berty is quite the talker. Word on the street is that he and Betty the Budgie are an item – but hang on, is he trying to woo Penny the Peacock too?

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Alison the Leopard-For Me By Dee

Alison the Leopard

Character Trait: Mysterious and Moody

Mysterious and moody, Alison plays her cards close to her chest. She keeps to herself and is cool, calm and collected.

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Maggie the Magpie-For Me By Dee

Maggie the Magpie

Character Trait: Colourful

Nothing get's passed this lady, especially with that eye. She may be black and white but she has the most colourful of personalities!

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Earl the Emu-For Me By Dee

Earl the Emu

Character Trait: Silly

Don’t mind Earl, he’s a bit jittery. He’s always looking about to see if someone is following him – then he gets nervous and runs away really fast! Silly Earl.

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Eddie the Echidna-For Me By Dee

Eddie the Echidna

Character Trait: Spikey Sweetheart

Eddie is a spiky sweetheart and forever apologising to anyone he pricks by accident. He’s a real introvert and keeps to himself out of fear he may hurt someone, but get past those spikes and he will truly open up. He’s the nice guy and just wants to be your friend.

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Gilbert the French Bulldog-For Me By Dee

Gilbert the French Bulldog

Character Trait: Sharp and Stylish

Have you met Gilbert? He’s sharp and stylish and knows what’s cool in the dog world. Gilbert is a social guy and is often spotted at the latest café sipping on doggychinos in his newest collar.

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Kenny the Kookaburra-For Me By Dee

Kenny the Kookaburra

Character Trait: The Independent Spirit

Our Kenny is an independent spirit. He branches out on his own and flies his own path in life. He’s often laughing at his own jokes – because nobody else thinks they’re funny! He has a unique sense of humour but is always down for a good laugh.

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Duke the Dachshund-For Me By Dee

Duke the Dachshund

Character Trait: Friendly and Energetic

Friendly and energetic, Duke loves to hang at the park with his mates. He may be small but he’s fast on his feet and is always running just to keep up! Did you say sausage sizzle? Duke’s ears are pricked and will be right on your heels.

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