Rocco the Raccoon-For Me By Dee

Rocco the Raccoon

Character Trait: Mischievous and Larrikin

A bit of a cheeky one, Rocco the Raccoon was known to be the trouble maker while growing up. However, his experiences have stemmed from being curious, energetic, and independent - all positive traits. Rocco is able to think on the spot whenever he finds himself in a pickle, which makes him extremely adaptable.

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Pedro the Pug-For Me By Dee

Pedro the Pug

Character Traits: Stubborn and Sociable

Pedro the Pug can come off as overly confident and craving attention at times, but deep down he is a funny, intelligent, and fearless being. Pedro is an urban dweller, with lots of street smarts and savviness. If you ever have a problem, Pedro can probably help you with a clever solution.

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Kylie the Kangaroo

Kylie the Kangaroo

Character Trait: The Girl Boss

Kylie the Kangaroo is the energetic leader of the pack. She is a go-getter and dreams of doing big things. Kylie inspires others and is an intuitive listener. A kangaroo is unable to move backwards, contributing to Kylie's forward thinking characteristics.

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